Promis.e Help

Editing Text

The available text editing functionality is as follows:

To Do this
Delete previous character or selected text <Back Space>
Delete next character or selected text <Delete>
Delete previous word <Ctrl+Back Space>
Delete next word <Ctrl+Delete>
Cut selected text <Shift+Delete>, <Ctrl+X>, or right-click and select Cut.
Copy selected text <Ctrl+Insert>, <Ctrl+C>, or right-click and select Copy.
Paste selected text <Shift+Insert>, <Ctrl+V>, or right-click and select Paste.
Toggle between insert mode and overwrite mode <Insert>

There are two insertion modes:

  • Insert mode (default): inserts new characters at the caret position.
  • Overwrite mode: if the caret is at the end of all text, inserts characters at the end like Insert mode; otherwise, characters are replaced at the caret position with the new characters.
Note: To switch between Insert mode and Overwrite mode, press the <Insert> key. In overwrite mode, it is usually more efficient to select text and then type the new text rather than to edit text.