Promis.e Help

Find Text (or Find/Replace Text) Dialog

Used to search all the text in a DGN file for any sequence of letters and numbers and replace some or all instances of the text with other text.

The Find/Replace Text functionality supports dimensions, tags, text, text nodes, notes, symbols. Selections sets are also supported. The Find and Replace fields remember the last 20 items entered; an auto-complete menu is provided as you type.

You can access this dialog from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Annotate > Text > More split button

Note: To initialize the key-in you should load the Find/Replace Text dialog by either opening it or running the key-in MDL LOAD FINDREPLACETEXT

Clicking the plus or minus signs for Find Options and View Options expands or collapses that section of the dialog.

When working in a read-only file, only find and view options are enabled; replace options are not available.

When a search is finished, a dialog notifies you that the search is complete and gives you the option to restore the view to its state at the time of the first find operation.

Find The Find field specifies the search string to be located. It searches for an exact match but is not case-sensitive, unless overridden by the selection of other options on the dialog. The search runs left to right, top to bottom across the screen, beginning in the top left corner. If there is a cluster of text in one section of the design and you start the find inside that cluster, the search is completed in that cluster before moving on to the rest of the design.
> Only available when Use Regular Expressions is on, provides a list of the escape sequences that are supported.
Replace The Replace field specifies the replacement string that replaces the search string in the Find field. This field is case-sensitive and replaces the string exactly as entered.
Match Case If on, performs a case-sensitive search of your search string; that is, finds only text with the same capitalization as the text in the Find field.
Whole Words If on, specifies a search for only complete words that match the text element in the Find field. For example, when Whole Words is on, a search for "fill" will not find "filled" or "fillet." Each instance of the search string must be surrounded by a blank space on each side.
Use Regular Expressions Regular expressions consist of patterns that can be used to search for variable forms of text. If on, treats the search string as a regular expression for special characters and advanced search patterns.
In Cells If on, specifies a search for text in cells, as well as standalone text.
Use Fence If on, specifies a search for text in a fence. The option menu sets the Fence (Selection) Mode.
Animate If on, shows the transition from the current view to the destination. You are automatically panned and zoomed to the text so that you can see it in context.
Rotate If on, the view rotates so that the text displays horizontally.
Zoom If on, view zooms to the specified text (and activates the slider). When the slider is set to the right end (smaller zoom factor), the result is greater zooming (text appears larger).
Find Locates the next instance of the text.
Replace Replaces the found text in the currently highlighted element with the replacement string.
Replace All Replaces all the specified text elements in the design file.
Pick Launches a tool that allows you to pick individual elements and to do the replace operation immediately upon picking.