Promis.e Help

Place Signature Cell

Used to create a digital signature with model scope. A signature with model scope (“model signature”) captures the state of the model when the signature is placed.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Utilities > Security
  • Toolbox: Digital Signatures
  • Toolbox: Security

Cells Cell that contains the graphics that visually represents the signature. This field is disabled if no signature cell library has been selected with the Attach Signature Cell Library tool.
Attach Signature Cell Library Opens the Signature Cell Library dialog used for selecting signature cells. This is known as the “signature cell library.” The signature cell library is different from the current placement cell library. Promis.e only looks for signature cells in the signature cell library.
Active Angle Sets the angle by which the cell is rotated.
Scale Scale by which the cell is placed.
Include References If checked, the master file and all attached references are signed.
Signer Name of the person signing the model. The Signer defaults to the current user’s login name. This could also be some code or identifier that is meaningful within an organization. This is useful for identifying the signer, especially if the certificate name is different from the signer’s real name.
Location The Location defaults to the current user’s computer name. This could also be some location code, building name, or other identifier that is meaningful within an organization.
Purpose This field could be used to describe the signer’s intent and will normally be a phrase or code that is meaningful within the organization or project.
Expiry Date the signature expires.
Dependent Signature This check box is used to create a signature hierarchy. The new signature is marked as “dependent.” The Signatures dialog shows all dependent signatures in the “Hierarchy” area. The dependent signature is shown as the root of a tree, with its prerequisites shown as its children.