Promis.e Help

Design File Settings Dialog, Views Category

Consists of controls that are used to adjust the sizes of view windows and control the display of background images in view windows.

View Sets the view to which the displayed settings apply. Only open views can be chosen.
Proportional Resize If on, the chosen view's aspect ratio is maintained when its window is resized.
Pixel Width Sets the width, in pixels, of the chosen view.
Pixel Height Sets the height, in pixels, of the chosen view.
Background If on, the chosen view is displayed with the Active Background Image, whose name appears in the field to the right.
Select image icon Opens the Select Background Image dialog, which is used to select the Active Background Image displayed with all views for which Background is turned on.

Files of type can be set to any one of the Supported Image Formats. The dialog controls are analogous to those in the Open dialog (File > Open).