Promis.e Help

Delete Wire Numbers/Properties/Labels

Used to delete the number associated with a selected wire.

Accessed when:
  • Select the icon from the Wire Properties group in the 2D Design Ribbon.
  • Select a wire(s) and select either the Delete Label or Delete Properties option from the Modify Wire ribbon.
  • Select a wire(s) and select the option from the popup menu.

The following dialog displays:

Entire Project Select the Entire Project option if you wish to delete wire numbers throughout the entire project.
Selected Page If you wish to delete wires only on certain pages, select the Selected Pages option. The Select Pages button will then become active, which displays the Select Pages dialog. Use this dialog to choose the pages on which wire numbers will be deleted.

Select the desired pages and select OK to return to the Delete Wire Number(s) dialog.

Delete labels When checked any label assigned to the line will be deleted from the project/page as well.
Delete Wire properties When checked, any properties assigned to the wire will be deleted from the project/page as well.
Delete Wire Numbers This is checked by default and will delete the selected wire(s) from either the selected page or the entire project depending on which option was select in the Delete within this range section of the dialog.
All (including manually assigned) If you wish to delete all wire numbers regardless of whether they were assigned automatically or manually, select this option.
Only Automatically Assigned Select this option if you wish to delete only the wire numbers that were assigned automatically.
Note: The most common workflow is to delete automatically assigned data and reassign that again with the automatic tool, but leave alone manually assigned values which may have been explicitly named for a particular reason.