Promis.e Help

Data Manager

The Data Manager is a feature that allows you to access data from the project in one window with tabs for different categories of data such as device IDs, symbol text and more. The Data Manager is a convenient way to globally search, sort and edit project data without opening drawing pages.

Accessed from:

  • Manage Ribbon > Project Data Group

The dialog has a series of tabs along the bottom that allow you to select the category of data that you are accessing.

Data Section When you select a tab, a set of data columns that are relevant to that category of data will appear. The white columns are available for editing; the shaded columns cannot be altered. To sort the data, you can click on the column headings.
The following tabbed sections are available:
  • Cable
  • Device ID
  • Wire
  • Logical Field
  • Page Description
  • Part Number
  • Plug
  • Symbol Text
  • Terminal
  • Wire Link
  • Wire Number
Select Pages In this section of the dialog, you can restrict the data display to certain drawing sets and pages within the project. When an item is selected, a check-mark will appear beside it.
Find and Replace In this section of the dialog you can search for specific data values and replace them with new values.