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Extend Curve

Used to extend an element (line, line string, arc, ellipse, complex chain or B-spline curve) by a certain scale.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Modeling > Curves > Modify Curves
  • Toolbox: Modify Curves

Type Defines the type of the extension.
  • Linear — The extension is a straight line.
  • Arc — The extension is an arc.
Method Defines the method used to create the extension.
  • By Point — The extension is defined graphically with a data point.
  • By Distance — (Type set to Linear only) Lets you set a distance value for the extension.
  • To Element — (Type set to Linear only) Lets you extend the curve to another element.
Distance (Method set to By Distance only) Lets you input a value for the distance to extend the curve.