Promis.e Help

Create Macro Dialog

Used to create a BMR macro by capturing operator input. Actions captured include commands, data points, resets, key-ins, and input from the Text Editor.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Utilities > Macros
  • Ribbon: Modeling > Utilities > Macros
Note: The Stop icon is enabled only after you start the recording and capture an action.

Name Sets the name of the macro being created. The name of the macro should be less than 16 characters.
Description Assigns a free-form description to the macro being created.
Location Selects the directory where the newly created macro will be saved. To change the location where the macro is to be saved, select Choose the directory to save this macro to and from the Save As dialog browse the desired folder and select Save.
Save Saves the macro.
Extended Tool Settings Macro Type

Bentley -Allows user to save recorded macro with extension .bmr

VBA -Allows user to save recorded macro with extension .mvba