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Cable Manager

The Cable Manager lets the user edit cable text for all the cables in a project in a single dialog.

Accessed from:

  • Manage Ribbon > Project Data Group

The user can make large-scale changes to the cable texts in a project without searching for and editing individual cables. This saves time and lessens errors of omission or inconsistency of edits.


The existing cables in the project are listed on the left side of the dialog. When you select a cable, text values for the cable attribute fields are displayed in the Attribute list.

You can select the data fields that are displayed on the left side of the Cable Manager. To do this, right-click on the existing column headings (Installation, Location, etc.). The Show Fields dialog will appear.

Select the check boxes for the data fields that you wish to display as columns in the Cable Manager then select OK to load these settings.

Best Fit The Best Fit button simply arranges the grid column widths in the section so they are all easily viewable.
Swap Targets

The Swap Targets button reverses the From/To targets in the dialog which affects the output of cable cross references and cable reports in terms of what device is the From and which is the To. You can use <shift> or <ctrl> to select multiple cable conductor terminations on the right side of the dialog if desired.

You can select a record on the right side and use the move up/down buttons which will change which conductor lands on which targets. So picking BLK and moving it down would make the BLK conductor now connect between TB1:2 and MTR1:T2 instead of what it is currently connected to.

If you click in a conductor cell you get a pull-down list of the conductors used in that cable. If there was an unused conductor you could select that. If you pick a conductor that already exists you will see an error message appear.

Attribute List

When you select a cable, the cable text value for that cable is displayed next to the corresponding attribute on the right side of the dialog.

If you select multiple cables that have different cable text values, the text will be displayed as <varies>.

You can edit the cable text values of the selected cables. Entered values will be assigned to all the selected cables, allowing you to edit multiple cables in one step.

Use the Best Fit buttons to optimize the column widths in the dialog.