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Assign Connection Points Dialog

This dialog lets the user assign connection points for the selected part number in the Panduit Data Editor.

Accessed when:

The dialog is populated with data for the selected part number.

CP If the first part number selected includes a device family in the database record, the program will automatically fill in the connection point texts available for the device family. You may also manually enter the connection point texts into the CP column.
Min Gauge and Max Gauge If you wish to use the gauge checking function for selecting wire terminations, fill in the minimum and maximum wire gauge values that the connection will accept in the Min Gauge and Max Gauge columns. When you click inside one of these fields, a drop-down list of available gauge values will appear from which you may select.
Stud Indicates the screw size of the terminal or a tab size and is used for sizing terminations. In this field also you may click to get a drop-down list of available values.
Single Wire Contains a check box that can be selected to indicate single wire devices. This can be used with the shortest distance program to specify connections that only allow a single wire. This feature only works if your single wire database field is named Single_Wire_Connection.
Strip Length Defines the strip length to be used on the wire. You may enter a length here or you can assign a generic strip length based on Gauge using a lookup table. This field is only used for display purposes on your report output and is not used in any selection criteria.
Update All Selected Parts If you selected several part numbers for editing and they will have the same connection points and connection specifications, you can use the Update All Selected Parts button to copy the values displayed to all of the selected parts.
Repeat CP 1 for All In many cases the same type of wire and terminators are allowed on all or most of the connections on a device. If this is true, be sure all of the connection points are listed, then define the settings for the first connection point in the Assign Connection Points dialog. You can then use the Repeat CP 1 for All button. This will duplicate the settings of the first connection point on all of the other connection points. If only a few of the points are different, you can then manually edit them.
Classes and Type Used to assign classes and types to the connection. To do this, click inside the field and then select the Assign Classes and Types button. The Select Classes and Types dialog will appear.
Next Part Navigates to the next selected part for editing.
Finished Select the Finished button when you are done editing the selected parts. You will return to the Select Part Numbers dialog.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving any changes.