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Animation Producer Dialog, Timeline Section

Contains controls to manipulate items of the current animation script. Displays when View > Timeline is selected in the Animation Producer dialog.

Timeline displays the various components of the animation as follows:

  • Each row on the time line correlates to a row in the tree view.
  • Header rows for the tree are displayed with a cyan background in the timeline.
  • Items that are instantaneous, such as keyframes and settings, are displayed with a green vertical line.
  • Items that have duration, such as paths, scripts, and included animations, are displayed as a blue horizontal line with vertical lines marking the start and end.
  • When multiple items in a row happen at the same time the color will change to red to show simultaneous action.
  • A blue double vertical bar that runs the entire height of the timeline display indicates the current time. This can be set by clicking and dragging the bar, or by right-clicking elsewhere in the timeline and selecting Set Time.

Modifying an item in the Timeline can be done via either of two ways, interactively or via a right-click menu.

  • Interactive editing — lets you click and drag instantaneous items to a new frame/time. For duration items, you can click and drag the beginning/end points to reduce/increase the duration, or you can click in the middle and move the whole item (retaining the duration, but changing the beginning/end points).
  • Interactive copying — lets you <Ctrl-drag> entries to copy them to a new location in the timeline.
  • Right-click editing — lets you right click on the item and choosing Edit from the menu. This opens the relevant edit dialog for that item.
Time Time indicators at the top of the timeline, show time in the format that is set in the Animation Settings dialog.
Zoom in on timeline

Zooms in on the timeline graph to reveal more detail.
Zoom out on timeline

Zooms out of the timeline graph.
Fit the extents

Fits the entire animation into the Timeline view.
Timeline scroll bars Lets you move along the timeline, when the entire animation is not displayed in the Timeline view.
Right-click menu When you right-click on an item in the time line, a context sensitive menu displays the available options for the selected item. These can include the following:
  • Edit — Opens the edit dialog for the selected item.
  • Script — Opens the relevant scripting dialog. By default, the current time is entered in the Start Time field. This entry may be edited.
  • Expand — (If available) Expands the tree one level from the selected row.
  • Expand All — (If available) Expands the tree for all levels from the selected row.
  • Collapse — (If available) Collapses the tree up to the selected row.
  • Cut — Cut item into the clipboard.
  • Copy — Copy the item into the clipboard.
  • Paste — Paste item from clipboard at current time.
  • Delete — Delete the selected item.
  • Disable — Disables the item in the Storyboard Panel. Disabled items do not display in the Timeline.
  • Set Time — Sets the current time to the cursor position.