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Script Target

Used to specify the time at which to activate/deactivate targets. When a target is activated, the active camera is aimed toward the origin of the selected target. A target can be any existing target or other actor.

When working with this tool, you can select objects and targets graphically, or you can select them from their respective drop-down menus.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Visualization > Animate > Script
  • Toolbox: Animation Cameras

Time Sets the time that the target is activated/deactivated.
Set Start Date/Time icon (Time display set to a date or time format only) Opens a date and time dialog that lets you set the start date/time.
Interpolation Sets the method of interpolation when transitioning from one target position to the next.
  • Linear — Transition path is a straight line.
  • Spline — Transition is interpolated as a B-spline curve.
Velocity Sets the velocity of the transition from one target to the next.
  • Constant — Transition is at a constant rate.
  • Accelerate — Transition starts at rest, moving with constant acceleration.
  • Decelerate — Transition constantly decelerates to finish at rest.
  • Accelerate-Decelerate — Transition starts at rest, accelerates to half-way, then decelerates to finish at rest.
  • Infinite — Transition is instantaneous, from the last target to the next.
  • Custom — Used when you edit a velocity curve through the Animation Producer dialog.
Target Activated If on, the target is activated (turned on). If off, the target is deactivated (turned off).
Object Sets the object or camera to be used with the target.
Note: When specifying an actor (object) to “look” at a target, the negative Z direction of the object actor's axes is the axis that will point towards the target actor. When creating an “object” actor, therefore, you should check that its coordinate system is correctly aligned for this task.
Target Sets the object that is to be the target, which may be any other actor, or a special Target element create with the Create Target tool.