ProjectWise Plug-in for Bentley Web Services Gateway Readme

Deploying the ProjectWise Plug-in for Bentley Web Services Gateway

Bentley Web Services Gateway (WSG) is the on-premise server that is used to enable any type of service, client, or mobile application, running on any platform to easily access data and files from an extensible list of Bentley enterprise service repositories.

Bentley Web Services Gateway uses the network configuration settings of ProjectWise Explorer to provide various ProjectWise cloud services (such as ProjectWise Web, ProjectWise Web View, and ProjectWise 365) with a list of ProjectWise datasources that users of those services can connect to.

The ProjectWise Plug-in for WSG is responsible for providing the ProjectWise capabilities that are available within those cloud services. It is important that you always use the latest available version of the ProjectWise Plug-in for WSG, so that your users will always have the latest available ProjectWise capabilities in the ProjectWise cloud services they use.