ProjectWise Project Insights Help


ProjectWise Project Insights, built on Microsoft Power BI technology, is the ProjectWise 365 service that collects and analyzes data about your ProjectWise documents and deliverables packages, and then displays that information in the form of visual reports within the ProjectWise Project Insights dashboard of your ProjectWise project. Project managers and team leads can track project status and progress by visiting the ProjectWise Project Insights portal of their ProjectWise project and looking at the reports in the dashboard.

Key benefits:

  • Provides insight into project status, progress, and trends
  • Helps to identify potential bottlenecks - both internally and externally
  • Helps to predict expected project finish date based on current trends
  • Helps to calculate the cost-to-quality ratio when hiring external consultants. By having real data and numbers available it can help answer questions like, Which companies are doing a good job completing tasks on time? and Which companies might have some issues organizing their processes - for example, habitually late to respond transmittals, submittals or RFIs?

ProjectWise Project Insights can be enabled and configured in each ProjectWise project as needed.

ProjectWise Project Insights users require a Bentley CONNECTIONS Passport to use the service. A Microsoft Power BI license is not required.

Displaying ProjectWise Design Integration data

Some configuration is required in order to display your ProjectWise Design Integration data in ProjectWise Project Insights. Part of this configuration includes installing and configuring the ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service to upload data from selected ProjectWise databases.

The steps to configure ProjectWise Project Insights, which also includes requirements and configuration instructions for the ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service, are fully documented in this help.

Also, the ProjectWise Project Insights portal is able to detect whether the required configuration is complete or not, and if configuration is not complete, will display a configuration map that shows which parts of the configuration are complete, and which parts of the configuration still need to be completed. The dashboard tabs that display ProjectWise Design Integration data will not be enabled until all of the configuration is complete.

Displaying ProjectWise Deliverables Management data

No configuration is required to make your ProjectWise Deliverables Management data available in ProjectWise Project Insights. As soon as you turn on ProjectWise Project Insights in the same project where ProjectWise Deliverables Management is already turned on and in use, ProjectWise Project Insights will begin to process the existing ProjectWise Deliverables Management data. Once the data has been processed, it is automatically displayed on the ProjectWise Deliverables Management dashboard tabs.

Note: The ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service is not used at all for the gathering of Deliverables Management data. If you are only using ProjectWise Project Insights to display Deliverables Management data, then you do not need to install the ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service at all.