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New in ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service

Latest Enhancements

(July 2021)

  • Regional data center support. The ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service will now send data to the data center specified in the Data Center Location setting of the associated ProjectWise project.
    Note: Older versions of ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service will continue to send data only to the East US data center, which is the default data center.
  • Significantly improved the performance of audit trail processing. Databases that have many audit entries (for example, 250m) will now have reasonable processing times.
  • Data Source Administrator enhancements:
    • Added a Verify All Data Sources button that starts a scan on all configured data sources and notifies you if any action is needed (for example, if the data source needs to be upgraded to the current version).
    • Added a step to the database schema verification to check the safety of data. This step mainly checks if the database is a clone of another database that was already using ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service, and gives you options on how to proceed depending on whether the database was moved or copied.
  • Diagnostic tools to help the ProjectWise Project Insights team investigate issues:
    • These tools periodically send diagnostic data about processing status. This also notifies the team of a lost connection to the data source.
    • Added the ability for the Bentley development team to request ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service logs and upload them to the cloud.
  • Windows Server 2019 support
  • Bentley Transmittal Services databases are no longer supported
  • Bug fixes:
    • Data source configuration breaks if there are environment table names whose lengths are close to or larger than 30.
    • Recreating an environment with the same table name ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service would not instrument the re-added table for data collection.
    • Oracle:
      • Processing fails if the database has environments whose column names contain non-English characters.
      • Some database language configurations make the sorting of ORDER BY and string comparison (<, >, etc.) inconsistent. This makes it possible to have unsent data.
    • MSSQL:
      • Environment field values could not store unicode characters and in turn, sometimes break processing.

(Dec 2020)

  • ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards has been deprecated