ProjectWise Geospatial Administrator Help

Creating Raster Metadata Attribute Mapping

The Raster Metadata to Environment Attribute Mapping dialog is used to create the mapping between the ProjectWise environment attributes and the Raster Metadata attribute tags.

Note: Before being able to create the mapping, you have to create a ProjectWise environment. See the ProjectWise Administrator documentation for details.

To Create the Raster Metadata Attribute Mapping

  1. Select an environment from the environment drop down list and for every Attribute that needs to be mapped, select the desired Tag.
  2. If the required tag is not listed, select <More…> in order to browse into the entire supported tag list.

  3. From the Formatting function column, you can browse for a function to allow custom formatting (for example to format the display of GPS tags like (W 116°37´10.42"). It is possible to do so using a custom DLL.