ProjectWise Geospatial Administrator Help


background map

A background map is a backdrop, a key map that allows the user to locate a spatial location in a geographical environment.

coordinate system

A two-dimensional, planar coordinate system in which x measures horizontal distance and y measures vertical distance. Each point on the plane is defined by an x,y coordinate.


Any Spatial Object will have an associated footprint displayed in the Geospatial tab. In the present version, only polygons are supported.

geospatial query

Finds all spatial objects (for example, documents) that intersect with a search area (most likely a minimum bounding rectangle (MBR) defined by the user). A fast search would check the search area against the MBR of all documents. A more extensive search would then reduce the result set further by checking the geometries of the documents within the search area.

Geospatial tab

In ProjectWise Geospatial Explorer, the Geospatial tab lets you view the selected document's geospatial perspective. The Geospatial tab contains the Spatial Navigator, the Navigation toolbar and the Symbology Legend.

geospatial view

Used to specify how spatial locations will be drawn according to the attributes of their associated documents.

minimum bounding rectangle (MBR)

Represents the smallest rectangle completely enclosing a spatial location.

spatial location

A row in the spatial_locations table that stores two geometry representations and a spatial index for business objects in the ProjectWise database. The original geometry is stored in the local coordinate system for the file. A master geometry will also be defined relative to a master coordinate system, which is a common coordinate system among a group of spatial locations. Accepted geometry types are point, line, polygon, and extruded rectangle. A spatial location is a geometry and its projection.

spatial navigator

Located in the ProjectWise Geospatial Management Explorer's Geospatial viewing pane, the Spatial Navigator displays documents and folders spatial locations over a background map.

spatial object

Any ProjectWise object that may be associated with a Spatial Location, for example, folders and documents.

universal coordinate system (UCS)

A self describing coordinate system used to relate geometries from other coordinate systems to a common framework for spatial queries. Multiple Master SRCs may be defined within a ProjectWise data source. In the Geospatial world, there is only one UCS and it is defined for the entire datasource.