ProjectWise Geospatial Administrator Help

Spatial Metadata Scanners

In ProjectWise Administrator you can associate ProjectWise applications to a specific scanner, so that when users scan documents for spatial locations in ProjectWise Explorer, ProjectWise knows which scanner to use for each document.

A scanner can be associated to multiple ProjectWise applications, but each ProjectWise application can only be associated with one scanner. To change which scanner an application is associated to, you must first remove the application from the current scanner, and then add the application to the other scanner.

No validation is made as to which application is added to which scanner. Please choose the applications carefully, making sure that the selected ProjectWise applications are associated with files that the scanner can process.

To Change the Applications Associated to a Scanner

  1. In ProjectWise Administrator, select the Spatial Metadata Scanners datasource node.
  2. In the list of scanners, right-click the scanner you want to modify and select Properties.

    The Scanner Properties dialog opens and displays the list of ProjectWise applications currently associated to the scanner.

  3. To unassociate an application, select an application in the list and click Remove.
  4. To associate an application that is not listed, click Add. In the dialog that opens, select one or more applications and click Add.

    The selected applications are added to the list.

  5. Click OK.

ESRI PGDB Extractor

The ESRI PGDB Extractor adds the ability to scan ESRI Personal Geodatabase without using an ESRI ArcObjects License. This scanner allows calculating the extent of the file by grouping the extents of all the feature classes contained in the file. At this point the ESRI Personal Geodatabase Scanner does not support Geodatabase with multiple coordinate systems and will simply skip these files when they are encountered.