ProjectWise Explorer Help

Desktop Integration for Bentley Applications

Desktop integration is handled slightly differently depending on which Bentley application you have installed.

Bentley Application Base Integration

The Bentley Application Base Integration options on the ProjectWise Explorer installer are automatically enabled and cannot be disabled. They are required for integration with MicroStation and all MicroStation-based Bentley applications, regardless of version.

Integration with MicroStation and MicroStation PowerDraft

CONNECT Edition:

CONNECT Edition versions of MicroStation, MicroStation PowerDraft, and other MicroStation-based applications deliver their own integration, and therefore specific integration options for those applications do not appear in the ProjectWise Explorer installer under the iDesktop Integration section (besides the required and enabled Bentley Application Base Integration options).


When a supported V8i version of MicroStation is installed, then the ProjectWise Explorer installer will display an integration option for that application under the iDesktop Integration section. Installing ProjectWise Explorer with iDesktop Integration support for a V8i version of MicroStation delivers a configuration file called PW.CFG to the Bentley\<program name>\config\appl folder of your MicroStation installation. This configuration file loads the MDL applications necessary for ProjectWise integration and for starting MicroStation in integrated mode, when launched from the desktop. To disable desktop integration, uninstall ProjectWise Explorer, and then reinstall ProjectWise Explorer and turn off integration for MicroStation.

Integration with Bentley View

Bentley View V8i delivers its own integration which is enabled by default.

Use the following steps only if you need to disable desktop integration for Bentley View.

  1. In Windows Explorer, open this folder:

    C:\Program Files\Bentley\View V8i\config\appl

  2. Open the PW.CFG file in a text editor.
  3. Remove the # character from this line:


  4. Save and close the PW.CFG file.

When desktop integration is disabled, you can launch the application from the desktop, and it will not be integrated with ProjectWise Explorer (you will not be prompted to log in to a ProjectWise datasource). The application will still be integrated, however, whenever you open a document into it from ProjectWise Explorer.

Integration with Bentley Navigator

ProjectWise Explorer no longer supports desktop integration with Bentley Navigator. You can, however, still use the latest version of Bentley Navigator (desktop or mobile) to access documents in ProjectWise.