ProjectWise Explorer Help

Using the Address Bar and Address Links

When you select a document, folder, or project in ProjectWise Explorer, the full path to the selected item displays in the ProjectWise Explorer Address bar. This address can be copied and pasted as plain text, or you can right-click in the Address bar and select Copy URL or Copy URN, to create a shortcut to the selected item. You can paste this shortcut in an email, in an Office document, or right on your desktop. Clicking the shortcut link will open ProjectWise Explorer (if not already open) and take you right to the item referenced in the shortcut.

The ProjectWise Address bar also exists on document selection dialogs in integrated applications, and lets you create shortcuts to documents in the same way. The Address bar in document selection dialogs also contains a list of documents most recently opened from ProjectWise (referred to as the most recently used (MRU) list).

Tip: The display of the Address bar in ProjectWise Explorer is controlled by the menu item, View > Toolbar > Address.

Sending and Embedding Address Links

To send an email that automatically contains a link to the selected document(s), select one or more documents and then select Document > Send To > Mail Recipient As Link. When the recipient (having the same version of ProjectWise Explorer) opens the email and clicks the link, ProjectWise Explorer opens to the document referenced in the link. You can also manually copy address links into an email or inside an Office document. To do this, you select the document, folder, or project, right-click in the Address bar and select Copy URL or Copy URN, then paste the link into the email or Office document. Again, clicking the link opens ProjectWise Explorer to the item referenced in the link.

Creating Desktop Shortcuts to Items in ProjectWise

You can create desktop shortcuts to items in ProjectWise:
  • by selecting the document, folder, or work area, right-clicking in the Address bar, selecting Copy URL or Copy URN, and then pasting the link to your desktop
  • by dragging the document, folder, or work area from ProjectWise Explorer to your desktop

Double-clicking the shortcut opens ProjectWise Explorer to item referenced in the shortcut. When you create shortcuts in this manner, the user setting, User Interface > Use URN links, determines whether the shortcut you paste will be a URL link or a URN link. By default, Use URN links is off, meaning that by default, dragging a document, folder, or work area to the desktop creates a URL link to the item referenced in the shortcut.

Using Address Links in ProjectWise Messaging Agents

When a messaging agent is configured to send an email with a document attached, the ProjectWise address of that document is also displayed in the message body.

Pasting Address Links in Browsers

You can copy the plain text address of a document, folder, or project, by right-clicking in the Address bar and selecting Copy, then pasting the address in the Address field of Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer and clicking Go. This opens ProjectWise Explorer to the document, folder or project. You can also accomplish the same results by going to the Windows Start menu, selecting Run, pasting the plain text address in the Open field, and clicking OK.