ProjectWise Explorer Help

Browsing and Searching for Components

A component is an asset or item that is important to your business (a business object). Users in the plant industry, for example, might consider components to be equipment or process lines. Users in the building industry might consider components to be walls, doors, and windows.

Using Bentley Automation Service and document processors, the administrator can define and run jobs that extract component data from ProjectWise documents, which are then stored in a component index in the ProjectWise database.

In ProjectWise Explorer you can browse, search for, and view these components. The component index displays under the Components folder, which appears at the same level as the Documents root folder in every datasource. The display of the Components folder is controlled by your administrator, through ProjectWise Administrator.

Selecting a component in the Components folder displays detailed information about the component, including the component's attributes and the documents that contain instances of the component.