ProjectWise Explorer Help


You can print documents while you have them open in their associated application, or you can initiate their printing from ProjectWise Explorer.

The Batch Print menu in ProjectWise Explorer is used when you want to initiate the printing of multiple documents at once using either a MicroStation print set file (.PSET) or an older job set file (.JOB). The Batch Print menu is also available at the bottom of the right-click menu when you right-click a document in ProjectWise Explorer.

PSET files are created in MicroStation V8i or later and JOB files are created in MicroStation V8 XM Edition or earlier. You must have a compatible version of MicroStation installed in order to batch print from print set or job set files.

Note: If you have existing JOB files in the datasource, it is recommended that you upgrade them to PSET files.

See the related links below for information about creating PSET files in integrated MicroStation.