ProjectWise Explorer Help

Select a Wizard Dialog

Used to select which method to use for creating documents. This dialog opens when no default method is set for creating documents and you do one of the following:

  • select Document > New > Document in ProjectWise Explorer
  • copy documents by dragging them into a folder in ProjectWise Explorer
  • select a single document in ProjectWise Explorer and select Document > Copy To or select a single document and select Document > Move To
  • create a new ProjectWise document (or save an existing document to ProjectWise) from within an integrated application

No Wizard Selecting No Wizard and clicking OK does one of the following:
  • opens the Create Document dialog if you originally selected Document > New > Document
  • automatically copies the selected document(s) into the selected folder, if you are copying documents by dragging them into a folder
  • opens the Copy Document or Move Document dialog, if you originally selected Document > Copy To or Document > Move To
  • opens the integrated dialog for created documents, if you are creating a new document in an integrated application
Tip: The dialog that opens when you click No Wizard when working in integrated applications depends on both the application and the action.
Advanced Wizard

Selecting Advanced Wizard and clicking OK opens the Advanced Document Creation Wizard to walk you through the process of creating your document(s).