ProjectWise Explorer Help

Rename Document Dialog

Used to rename the selected document. Opens when you select a document, then select Document > Rename. This is a quick and easy way of renaming a document’s name, description, or file name; if you have additional document properties you would like to change, use the Document Properties dialog.

(Document) Name

Used to change the name of the selected document. You can enter up to 127 characters.

Make document name and file name the same (lock icon and check box) This option controls whether or not the document Name field is locked to the File Name field.

If on, the File Name field is disabled from editing and locked to the Document Name field, so that whatever you enter in the Document Name field will also be entered in the File Name field. If off, the File Name field is enabled for editing, and you can edit the file name independently of the document name.

When this option is on and you do not enter an extension in the Document Name field, then the file name will retain its original extension. If you do add an extension in the Document Name field, and that extension happens to be different than the file name’s original extension, then the file name’s extension will be changed to match the extension you entered in the Document Name field.

The check box for this option is on by default. When on, the lock icon appears as locked. To turn this option off, click the check box. When off, the lock icon will appear unlocked. Assuming the check box is enabled, you can turn the option on or off as needed. If the check box is disabled from changing, it means your administrator has enforced document name locking at the datasource level, and you cannot turn off the option for this or any document.

Description Used to change the description for the selected document.
File Name Used to change the file name of the file attached to the selected document.