ProjectWise Explorer Help

Using ProjectWise Messenger and Message Folders

ProjectWise Messenger (Tools > Messenger) is used to send messages to other ProjectWise users without leaving the ProjectWise environment. For example, you can send your comments about an attached document to another reviewer, without needing another email application on your computer, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Message folders let you view the contents of messages sent and received using ProjectWise Messenger. Message folders appear in ProjectWise Messenger, and also in ProjectWise Explorer if your user settings permit their display in the ProjectWise Explorer interface. Each user has their own message folder, which is represented by a message icon and your user name. By default, your message folder contains an Inbox folder, a Sent Items folder, and a Global Folders folder.

When you get a new message in your Inbox, you are notified, "You have received new messages, do you want to read them?" Copies of messages you have sent through ProjectWise Messenger are saved to your Sent Items folder. Global folders are message folders that all users can see. Under Global Folders, if your user settings allow, you can create folders that all users can access, and in which all users (if their user settings allow) can store existing messages for all to access. At the root of the parent message folder you can also create private message folders for your personal use.

Messages in any of these folders can be opened, replied to, forwarded, or deleted. You can move messages into any private message folders you have created, and if your user settings allow, into existing global folders. If a message has a link to a document attached, you can right-click the attachment from inside the message and perform actions on it as you normally would on documents in a ProjectWise folder.

Note: The Global Folders item only appear under the parent message folder if the user setting Message folders - Access items is turned on.