ProjectWise Explorer Help

Work Area Creation Wizard

Used to walk you through the process of creating a work area. This section documents all the pages of the wizard in order of appearance.

Define the work area template settings page Lets you select whether or not to use an existing work area as a template for this work area. If you use as template, the General and Advanced tabs are enabled for you to specify which parts of the selected template work area you would like to carry over to the new work area.
Define the work area root folder properties page Lets you establish the general properties of the work area — name, description, the parent work area or folder it will be created under, the environment it will use (if any), the storage area it will use, and the work area owner. This page is also where you can initially associate this work area to a ProjectWise cloud project.
Define the work area properties page Lets you select an optional work area type to assign to this work area. You can also set it to <none> if you do not want to assign a work area type. Once you select a work area type, you can enter values for the custom attributes of this work area type. Work area types are defined in ProjectWise Administrator.
Define the work area resources page Lets you select which datasource resources (such as applications, departments, workflows) you want to be available in the work area. Each folder or work area that gets created under this work area will by default inherit the resources you select here. If you are creating a work area at the Documents root folder, all resources currently defined in the datasource are included.
Define the work area participants page Lets you add the users you want to have access to the work area, and then set the user's access rights for the work area. You can set access rights by assigning one of the predefined roles (Administrator, Leader, Team Member, Observer, or No Access), or you can click the Advanced button to create your own custom set of access rights to assign to a user.
Review work area creation options page Lets you go over your selections one last time before creating the work area. When ready, click Finish.