ProjectWise Explorer Help

Open Document With Dialog

Used to select the application with which to open the selected document. This dialog opens when you select a document and select Document > Open With, or if you select a document and ProjectWise does not know which application it should launch to open the document.

Program list Displays the programs currently registered with ProjectWise to open documents of the selected file type. If the program you want to use is not listed in this list, click the Browse button to navigate to and select the appropriate executable (.EXE) file or program shortcut.
Always use this program Turn this option on if you want the selected program to always be the program used to open documents of the selected file type.
Open document as read-only If on, then the document will be opened as read-only. If you have File Read but not File Write privileges for the selected document, then this option is not displayed, and the document will automatically be opened as read-only.