ProjectWise Explorer Help

Create Folder Dialog

Used to create a folder. Opens when you select the Documents root folder, or any folder or work area in the datasource, and select Folder > New Folder.

Note: For most users, the Create Folder dialog only has one tab, the General tab. The fields and controls of the General tab are described below. However if your user setting General > Use access control is turned off (typically only for admins), then you will also see the Work Area\Folder Security and Document Security tabs. These tabs are described in the Folder Properties dialog section.
Name Sets the display name for the folder.
Note: ProjectWise only supports characters in folder or work area names that the operating system supports in file system folder names. You will get a warning if you try to create a folder or work area with invalid characters in the name. For legacy reasons, ProjectWise will let you use the "\" character in folder or work area names (it will warn you first, but it will still let you). If you later try to export such a folder or work area, two local folders will be created, with the portion after the "\" becoming a subfolder of the portion before the "\". For example, if the folder name in ProjectWise is "DGNS\DWGS", then after export, "DWGS" becomes a subfolder of "DGNS" on the file system.
Description An optional description for the folder. If your user setting User Interface > Show descriptions instead of names is on, the folder's description will display in ProjectWise Explorer instead of the folder's name.
Parent Displays the full path to where the folder will be created in the datasource. If you are creating the folder at the root of the Documents root folder, the Parent field will be blank. If needed you can click the Change button to change the location under which the new folder will be created.
Environment Sets the environment to be used by the new folder. When the Create Folder dialog opens, the folder is set to inherit the environment of the parent folder or work area. You can keep the inherited environment or select another from the list. If there are no environments to choose from, or if you do not need to assign an environment to this folder, you can set Environment to <none>.
(Environment) Description Displays the environment's description, if one exists.
Storage Used to designate the storage area to be used by this folder. The storage area is physical location on a server where the master copies of documents that get placed in this folder will be stored. Use the Browse button (...) to the right of the Storage list if you need to view disk usage statistics of the selected storage area.
Owner Sets the user who will be considered responsible for the management of the folder. When the Create Folder dialog opens, your own user name appears in the Owner field by default. If needed you can click the Change button to select another user to be the owner of the folder.