ProjectWise Explorer Help

Working with Attribute Exchange in Word and Excel

The attribute exchange feature of ProjectWise lets you link text fields in Word and Excel documents with ProjectWise properties, so that the current value of the corresponding ProjectWise property is always displayed where the linked text field is placed in the document. The link works in both directions, meaning that you can modify the value of a property in ProjectWise and then update its linked text field in integrated Word or Excel, or you can modify the value of a linked text field from integrated Word or Excel and then run a command from Word or Excel that updates the value of the corresponding property in ProjectWise.

To set up attribute exchange for Microsoft Word and Excel:

  1. In ProjectWise Administrator, your administrator sets up Attribute Exchange Rules for Microsoft Office. This involves setting up the BuiltinProperties and CustProperties attribute classes and establishing attribute update conditions.
  2. On your computer, you need to have ProjectWise Explorer installed with iDesktop Integration support for Microsoft Word and Excel.