ProjectWise Explorer Help

Forcing the CONNECTION Client to Open When ProjectWise Explorer Opens

You can force the CONNECTION Client to open when you open ProjectWise Explorer, by adding the following key to the Windows Registry:

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bentley\ProjectWise Explorer\ExtraFeatures

String: ConnectionClientLoginRequirement


Note: The value above is case-sensitive (it must be all uppercase, as shown).

When this registry key is configured, the CONNECTION Client opens in front of and locked to the ProjectWise Explorer window, if you open ProjectWise Explorer and you have not already signed in to Bentley through the CONNECTION Client on this computer. Signing in to Bentley through a web browser (for example, on the CONNECT Center website) does not affect this setting. Also, if you close the CONNECTION Client that opens in this manner without signing in, the ProjectWise Explorer window also closes, preventing you from logging in to any datasources.