ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Import (Check In) Exported Documents

  1. Select one or more exported documents.
  2. Select Document > Import.
  3. Do one of the following:

    If you are not prompted to enter change comments, go to the next step.


    If the Check In Document dialog opens, enter change comments and click OK.

  4. If there are no import issues, ProjectWise proceeds with the import of the selected documents. If there is an issue, such as the exported document is not found in its original export folder, you are prompted to locate or specify the correct local copy of the document to import.
    Tip: When you select multiple exported documents to import, ProjectWise imports the documents in alphabetical order; import of the next document in the set will not occur until import of the previous document is complete, or skipped.
Note: Whether or not change comments are optional or required (or possible at all) on import is controlled by the user settings Audit Trail > Comments > Allow for check in and Audit Trail > Comments > Require where allowed. When just the first audit trail setting is on, import comments are optional, and when both audit trail settings are on, import comments are required. When Audit Trail > Comments > Allow for check in is off, you will not be prompted to enter comments at all (the Check In Document dialog is skipped).