ProjectWise Explorer Help

Testing Connection to a Remote Host Using the Windows Socket Analyzer

The Windows Socket Analyzer tests the connection to the remote host.

This is done by entering the Protocol used, for example tcp (this is the default protocol used by ProjectWise for all communications. The Service Name that ProjectWise uses is dms (if dms is listed in the system's Services file) and its default Port number is 5800. If dms is entered as the Service name, the Port number cannot be changed. Remote Host is the name of the remote host whose connection will be tested.

  1. In the ProjectWise Tools dialog, select Windows Socket Analyzer and click Execute.

    The Windows Socket Analyzer dialog opens.

  2. Enter the Protocol name, for example, tcp, and click Next.

    The protocol number displays next to the Protocol name field, and the Service name field displays below them.

  3. Enter the Service name, for example, dms, and click Next.

    The Port number field displays.

  4. Enter the port number you want to use and click Next.

    The Remote Host field displays.

  5. Enter the name of the remote host, for example, the node name of the server you want to test connection to and click Next.

    The IP Address of the remote host displays to the right of the Remote Host field, and two new fields appear below them: Local Host and Address.

  6. Click Next to populate these fields with the node name and IP address of the local host.

  7. Once the Local Host fields are populated, click Next to test the connection between the local and remote hosts.

    If a successful connection is established, the message, "Connection to remote host established and closed successfully", appears in the status bar of the dialog.

  8. When finished, click Close.