ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Check In Checked Out Documents, from ProjectWise Explorer

  1. Assume that you have checked out one or more documents, edited them, and have closed them but not checked them in yet.
  2. In ProjectWise Explorer, select the document(s) to check in.
  3. Select Document > Check In.
  4. Do one of the following:

    If check in comments are neither required nor optional, then the selected documents are checked in, and you are done.


    If check in comments are optional or required, the Check In Document(s) dialog opens. Enter change comments (or select from the list of previously entered comments) and click OK.

    Note: If comments are optional, you can click OK without entering comments and the document will still be checked in. If comments are required and you click OK without entering comments, you get a notification that a comment must be entered to complete the operation.