ProjectWise Explorer Help

File Not Found Error, when Opening Documents from the Recent Files Page

Revit documents that you have recently opened from ProjectWise are added for quick access to Revit’s Recent Files page. To be able to open a ProjectWise document from this list , a local copy of the document must exist in your working directory. If a local copy does not exist, you will get a File Not Found error when you attempt to open the document from here.

One workaround is to simply not use the Recent Files page, and instead always open documents using the integrated Open commands in Revit.

However, if you commonly use the Recent Files page, you may want to turn on your ProjectWise user settings Leave local copy on check in and Leave local copy on free. These settings allow ProjectWise to leave the local copy of the document in your working directory upon check in and free, respectively, and will enable the Recent Files page to open the selected document from ProjectWise without error.