ProjectWise Explorer Help

Assigning MicroStation Configuration Settings to Work Areas and Folders

ProjectWise offers two methods for utilizing MicroStation configurations:

  • managed configurations
  • workspace profiles

With managed configurations, configuration data is stored and managed in ProjectWise. Specifically, MicroStation configuration variables and their corresponding values are stored in ProjectWise in configuration settings blocks. These blocks are assigned to different configuration priority levels. Once your administrator sets up the managed configuration in ProjectWise Administrator, you can assign configuration settings blocks as needed.

With workspace profiles, configuration data is stored externally. Workspace profiles can define the location of an external MicroStation workspace or AutoCAD profile. Once your administrator creates a workspace profile in ProjectWise Administrator, you can assign it to any folder or document in ProjectWise.

Note: In previous versions of MicroStation, configurations were called workspaces. This version of ProjectWise supports managed configurations using a supported version of MicroStation CONNECT Edition, and managed workspaces using a supported version of MicroStation V8i.