ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Perform a Managed Export of a Project's or Folder's Documents

  1. Select a project or folder.
  2. Select Folder > Export.

    The Folder Export Wizard opens.

  3. Select Export and click Next.

    The Define the export settings page opens.

  4. In the Export folder field, specify the location to which you want to export the selected documents. You can either click Browse to select the export location, or type the location to which to export the document(s) directly in the Export folder field. If the folder name you enter does not exist, it will be created upon export.

    ProjectWise remembers the last location you exported to using this wizard, and displays the path to this folder in the Export folder field the next time you use the wizard. If you have deleted that folder, clicking Browse prompts you to create the folder again. Click OK to create the folder, or click Cancel to select a different location.

  5. (Optional) If the selected folder contains any empty subfolders or subprojects and you want them to be recreated in the target folder, turn on Create subfolders for empty folders.
  6. (Optional) If you want the selected folder to be recreated in the target folder upon export, turn on Create subfolder for selected folder.

    If you have selected the entire Document root folder to export, the option above is disabled.

  7. (Optional) If you want the selected folder and its subfolders and subprojects to be recreated in the target folder using their descriptions instead of their folder names, turn on Use folder descriptions as folder names.
  8. (Optional) If a master document’s references are not included in the export (because they exist in a different folder) and you want to include them in the export, turn on Export child documents which are not included in exporting hierarchy to the special folder, then click Browse to select an export folder for these reference documents (it must be different from the export folder specified in the Export folder field).

    The option above applies to reference documents; it does not apply to linked documents.

  9. (Optional) If you want exported master documents to have their reference and link file paths resolved to the file system folder to which those documents were exported, turn on Update documents to use local paths for references and links.

    The option above is not needed if the referenced and linked documents are in the same source folder as the master document.

  10. Click Next.

    All the documents eligible for export in the selected project or folder are exported to the target folder, and the results are displayed in the wizard.

  11. Click Finish.