ProjectWise Explorer Help

Searching in the User / Group Management Dialog

You can use the Search field in the User / Group Management dialog to search for a particular folder name, work area name, user name, group name, or user list name. The search will search whichever node you have selected, for the name you enter in the Search field. For example, if you know the name of a group but not the name of the folder to which it is assigned, you can search the Folders and Projects node for that group name. If you have a particular node selected, but that is not the node you want to search, you can leave the node selected, but switch the node to search from the Search field itself.

Example: Search All Folders and Work Areas for a Particular Group Name

  1. Open the User / Group Management dialog. (Tools > User Management)
  2. Either select the Folders and Work Areas node, or click the menu inside the Search field and select Folders and Work Areas.

  3. In the Search field, enter the name (or any part of the name) of the group you want to search for.
  4. Click Start Search.

    If a match is found, it is highlighted, and the status bar reads, "Search found a match. This is the first match found so far." If there are no matches for the entered text, the status bar reads, "No matches found."

    You can enter the full name of the group you are searching for, or you can enter any part of the name. The case does not matter. For example, if you are searching for the "Administrator" group, then any of the following entries would produce a match:

    • Administrator
    • admin
    • strator

    Assuming a match is found, you can select the highlighted group to see its members, or to see which user lists it belongs to. You can also expand the group to see which users belong to it, and you can select any of the users in the highlighted group, to see which other groups and user lists the selected user belongs to.

  5. To see if the group is assigned to any other folders or work areas further down in the folder list, click Start Search again.

    If another match is found, it is highlighted and the status bar now reads, "Search found another match. Total of 2 matches found so far."

  6. Continue searching the Folders and Work Areas node by clicking Start Search until you find the item you are looking for.
Note: A search will look for any name in the selected node that matches the entered text, so when searching the Folders and Work Areas node, your search might find folders, work areas, groups, users, or user lists.
Note: When searching the Folders and Work Areas node, the search will only search the selected folder or work area in that node. So if you want to search the entire datasource, select the Folders and Work Areas node. If you want to search just a particular folder or work area, expand the Folders and Work Areas node and navigate to and select the specific folder or work area to search.
Note: In the Folders and Work Areas node, you only see folders and work areas to which the user you are logged in as has access. So if you are searching for a group that is assigned to a folder to which you do not have access, you will not see that folder, and therefore you will not find that group. In that case, it may be better for you to search the All Groups node, as that node will show you all the groups in the datasource, whether you are a member of it, an owner of it, or neither.