ProjectWise Explorer Help

Modifying General Properties of a Folder or Work Area

Through the General tab on the Work Area Properties or Folder Properties dialog you can change the general properties of a folder or work area, which include the folder or work area name, description, environment, storage area, and owner.

To be able to modify the general properties of a folder or work area, the following must be true:

  • your user setting Folder > Can modify must be on
  • if modifying work areas, your user setting Work Area > Can change types and properties must be on
  • you must have your Write work area/folder security permission turned on for the work area or folder whose general properties you want to modify
  1. Select a folder or work area.
  2. Select Folder > Properties.

    The Properties dialog opens for the selected folder or work area, displaying the General tab.

  3. Modify the information as necessary on the General tab and click OK.
Note: If you change the storage area, all new documents created under this folder or work area will be stored in the new storage area, but any preexisting documents will remain in the storage areas where originally placed.
Note: You cannot change the environment if there are documents at the root of the selected folder or work area. Also, changing the environment of a folder or work area will not change the environment of any of its subfolders or sub-work areas.

The Properties dialog for a work area. The General tab contains the same property fields whether the object selected is a folder or a work area.