ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Add a View (from a ProjectWise Document) to a Sheet

  1. Open a sheet set document stored in ProjectWise.
  2. In Sheet Set Manager, select the Sheet List tab, and open one of the sheets in the sheet set.
  3. Select one of the following:

    Ribbon: ProjectWise tab > Sheet Set panel > Place On Sheet


    Menu: ProjectWise > Place On Sheet

    ProjectWise's Open Document opens.

  4. Select the DWG document containing the view you want to place on the sheet, and click Open.
  5. In the Place on sheet view dialog, select which view in the selected DWG you want to place on the sheet, then click OK.

    The selected view is attached to your cursor.

  6. Specify an insertion point on screen.

    The view is placed on the open sheet, and the DWG it exists in is now attached to the sheet. When you close and check in the sheet, ProjectWise will create a logical set for the sheet and its reference.