ProjectWise Explorer Help

Distributing Revit Files Outside of ProjectWise

Use the following workflow when you need to take files out of ProjectWise, for processing outside of ProjectWise.

  1. Using the method of your choice, copy out the necessary Revit files from ProjectWise to a local folder. If any of the Revit files have links to models, you must copy out all of the linked models as well. If you are just copying out one Revit file and its links, the Document Export Wizard (Document > Export) is recommended. If you are copying out an entire folder of Revit files, then the Folder Export Wizard (Folder > Export) is recommended. When either wizard opens, make sure you use the Send to Folder option rather than the Export option.

  2. Once you copy out all the Revit files, go to the local folder containing the files.

  3. For each copied out central file, open it, detach it from the central file, save it as a new file, then delete the originally copied out central file and its DAT files.

  4. For each copied out file containing links, open it, then re-path the links to the copied out version of the linked models, the save the file.

  5. Now you can zip up the folder and distribute it as needed.