ProjectWise Explorer Help

To See a List of Most Recently Used ProjectWise Documents

  1. Click the Recent Documents icon in the upper-right corner of the Session File Manager window.

    The Recent Documents view of Session File Manager becomes active, and a thumbnail image is displayed for each of the ProjectWise documents you have opened from the current session, and also those you opened from previous sessions of integrated AutoCAD.

  2. There is also a Recent Documents / Most Used Documents button which lets you rearrange the view in one of two ways. When the Recent Documents button is active, that is the default mode, as described above. When the Most Used Documents button is active, then the view is rearranged to list the same documents in the order which they are most frequently used. If you are in the Recent Documents mode and you want to switch to the Most Used Documents mode, simply click the Recent Documents button once (the name of the button changes when you click it). And if you are in the Most Used Documents mode and you want to switch to the Recent Documents mode, click the same button (now called Most Used Documents) again.
  3. As the list of recent documents grows, you can click the Clear List icon to clear the view as needed.