ProjectWise Explorer Help

Setting Document and Folder Security in ProjectWise Explorer

You can set security permissions on any document, folder, or project using the Access Control tab of the Preview Pane (recommended), or you can use the Properties dialog of the document, folder or project. The interface you use to set security is somewhat a matter of preference, but the Access Control tab does offer some additional functionality over the Properties dialogs. Regardless of where you set security from, the same access control rules apply.

Note: States within a workflow can have their own permission settings. If the Default State option is used, all states within the workflow without their own settings will use the permission settings defined for the default state.
Note: A folder's workflow state is defined by the document in the folder whose state is the lowest in the workflow.
Note: You must be a ProjectWise administrator or have the appropriate administrative rights to change ownership of documents or assign permissions to users, groups and/or access lists.
Note: If you have inherited rights from a workflow/state, these security options will enforce when the document is placed in that workflow/state.