ProjectWise Explorer Help

Viewing Document Dependency Maps

The Dependencies tab inside the Dependency Viewer tab is where a dependency map of the selected document will display. You can view the dependencies among logical sets, link sets, and flat document sets.

Assuming the Dependency Viewer tab is already open, the Dependencies tab is set by default to automatically update whenever a new document is selected in the document list. This behavior can be controlled by the lock icon on the Dependency Viewer tab.

Tip: If you want to keep the lock icon locked, but you need to see the dependency map of the currently selected document, click the Refresh icon in the Dependency Viewer toolbar.
Tip: By default, the document selected in the document list is also the root block in the dependency map. If necessary, you can change the perspective of the map by (temporarily) setting another block as the root. If the selected document has no dependencies, then only one block (a block to represent the selected document) displays in the dependency map.
Tip: Document dependency maps are not physical documents, but are freshly generated and displayed on demand every time you select the document.