ProjectWise Explorer Help

Dependency Viewer Overview

Dependency Viewer is an option of the ProjectWise Explorer installer. Installing this option adds a Dependency Viewer tab to the Preview Pane in ProjectWise Explorer, which lets users view the dependencies that exist among documents (referred to as document dependencies) in the datasource.

Note: Dependency Service authoring capabilities are no longer offered. This means that you cannot create custom dependency maps in ProjectWise Explorer, and you cannot view custom dependency maps created in a previous release.

To use the Dependency Viewer, select any document in ProjectWise Explorer and then select the Dependency Viewer tab in the Preview Pane. On the Dependencies tab, a dependency map is generated for the selected document. The dependency map displays a diagram showing exactly how the selected document and all its linked documents are connected to each other. Each document in the relationship is represented in the map by a design block. You can filter the view to show as many or as few levels of links between documents as you want. You can also display each model within a document as a design block, or search the dependency map for documents.

You can leave the Dependency Viewer tab docked in the Preview Pane, or you can undock it to become a floating, resizable window, independent of the ProjectWise Explorer application window.

The Dependency Viewer tab in the Preview Pane, showing the dependency map for the selected master document and its dependencies.