ProjectWise Explorer Help

Link Sets in ProjectWise Explorer

MicroStation link sets are supported in ProjectWise. A link set is basically a group of links to other files, models, references, and/or saved views that can be stored in a DGN file or a DGN library. In MicroStation, the Link Set dialog is used to create and manage link sets, and the Project Explorer dialog is used to create the actual links.

Link sets are recognized in ProjectWise automatically when you create link sets in integrated MicroStation and then check in the document, or when you run the Scan for References Files and Link Sets wizard on newly imported DGN files that contain link sets. A MicroStation document that contains a link set will have a small blue icon in the lower left or right corner of the document icon.

A MicroStation document storing a link set.

A MicroStation master document of a logical set, which is also storing a link set (the link set icon is on the lower left, the logical set icon is on the lower right).
Note: Links sets and links cannot be created, changed, or explicitly deleted in ProjectWise Explorer. You must use MicroStation to perform these tasks.