ProjectWise Explorer Help

Saving and Creating Documents

When you have a ProjectWise document open in an integrated Microsoft Office application, selecting File > Save saves your changes thus far to the file in your local ProjectWise working directory. Changes are only saved to ProjectWise when you check in (or update the server copy of) the document.

Selecting File > Save As > ProjectWise > Browse lets you save the current document under a different name or to another location in ProjectWise (or outside of ProjectWise if necessary). You can also use File > Save As > ProjectWise > Browse to save the current document into ProjectWise for the first time (if it was opened from the file system).

Note: If necessary, there is a registry key you can set to override the default integrated behavior of the File > Save command for in each Microsoft Office application, that will force the server copy of a document to be updated every time you select File > Save in the integrated Microsoft Office application.