ProjectWise Explorer Help

Creating Documents Using the Advanced Document Creation Wizard

The Advanced Document Creation Wizard walks you through the process of creating documents. You can use the wizard to create a single document or to create multiple documents simultaneously. The wizard can be especially useful when you need to create multiple documents simultaneously using the same general criteria.

The Advanced Document Creation Wizard opens when you select Document > New > Advanced Wizard in ProjectWise Explorer, or when Advanced Wizard is set as the default method for creating documents and you:

  • drag one or more files into ProjectWise Explorer from Windows
  • copy one or more ProjectWise documents by dragging them from one folder to another in ProjectWise Explorer
  • select Document > New > Document in ProjectWise Explorer
  • click OK in the Create Multiple dialog (Document > New > Multiple Documents)
  • select File > New or File > Save As in an integrated application, such as MicroStation
Tip: When no default method is set for creating documents and you do one of the actions above, the Select a Wizard dialog opens. In that case, select Advanced Wizard and click OK to open the Advanced Document Creation Wizard.
Tip: Using the Advanced Document Creation Wizard Properties dialog you can configure which of the above actions will trigger (or not trigger) the Advanced Document Creation Wizard to be opened. You can also use this dialog to configure certain pages of the wizard to be skipped. For the sake of completeness, the following procedure documents using all pages of the wizard.
Note: You should not use the Advanced Document Creation Wizard if you are copying documents that have multiple attribute sheets.