ProjectWise Explorer Help

Renaming Documents Using the Document Name Locking Feature

A document's name and file name are often the same in ProjectWise, but the property fields themselves are independent of each other. This lets you give a document a different name than its attached file.

If needed, you can lock the document name and file name properties together, so that whatever you set for the document name is automatically set for the file name. This makes it easy to name and rename documents and their attached files.

To lock the two properties together, a check box and lock icon exist on the dialogs in ProjectWise where the document and file name is set or changed. In each dialog, the check box and lock icon appear to the right of the Document Name field. The check box controls whether or not document name locking is used for the selected document, and the lock icon is there to provide an obvious way to show if the properties are locked or not. When you place the cursor over the lock icon, the tool tip displays, Make document name and file name the same. The following dialogs contain the check box and lock:

  • Create Document dialog (Document > New > Document)
  • Advanced Document Create Wizard (Document > New > Advanced Wizard)
  • Document Properties dialog (Document > Properties)
  • Modify Document(s) dialog (Document > Modify)
  • Rename Document dialog (Document > Rename)
  • Copy To dialog (Document > Copy To)
  • Move To dialog (Document > Move To)
  • Integrated File > Save As dialogs
  • Integrated File > New dialogs

The Rename Document dialog with the document name locking feature turned on

The administrator can choose to enforce document name locking across the entire datasource, or they can let document name locking be optional for each user. When document name locking is on, existing documents will not be affected unless a user renames a document, renames the attached file, or replaces the attached file. When document name locking is optional, users will be able to turn the feature on or off as needed.

Note: The check box that is available on each of these dialogs is not a document property, rather it is a client setting that gets saved in the computer's registry under the user you are logged in as. If you turn the option off from one dialog, it will continue to be off for you in the next dialog above that you open. When the administrator is enforcing document name locking at the datasource level, then this locking option will be on, but disabled from changing.
Tip: If you do not enter an extension in the document name field, then the file name will retain its original extension. If you do add an extension in the document name field, and that extension happens to be different than the file name's original extension, then the file name's extension will be changed to match the extension you entered in the document name field.