ProjectWise Explorer Help

New in ProjectWise CONNECT Edition Update 1.1

Licensing Changes

You must now run the Product Activation Wizard before starting the service for ProjectWise Design Integration Server. Please follow these steps:

  1. Install ProjectWise Design Integration Server.
  2. Run the Product Activation Wizard.
  3. Manually start the service for ProjectWise Design Integration Server in the Services window.

Once the product is activated and the service is started, the ProjectWise server will check SELECTserver for a CONNECT Edition license. If a CONNECT Edition license is found, it is used and the full features of the product work as they should. If a CONNECT Edition license is not found, it checks for a V8i license. If a V8i license is found, it is used, however the CONNECT Edition features of the product will be disabled. If neither a CONNECT Edition nor a V8i license is found, the ProjectWise server will enter into CONNECT Edition evaluation mode.

Important: You must always start or restart the service after running the Product Activation Wizard. If for some reason you start the service before you run the Product Activation Wizard, or if you later need to make changes in the Product Activation Wizard, then you must restart the service.

Server Installer Changes

Because of these licensing changes, the option to start the service at the end of the server installation has been disabled to ensure that you do not accidentally start the service before running the Product Activation Wizard. This affects the installers for ProjectWise Design Integration Server, ProjectWise Caching Server, ProjectWise Gateway Service, and ProjectWise Indexing Service. After running the Product Activation Wizard, then you must manually start the services for these servers in the Services window.

AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D Integration Enhancements

ProjectWise Explorer-side features:

  • Data Shortcut Project Editor

    This new feature is an option on the ProjectWise Explorer installer and lets you manage AutoCAD Civil 3D data shortcuts. You do not need to install AutoCAD Civil 3D in order to install the Data Shortcut Project Editor.

  • Support for AutoCAD Civil 3D Data Shortcuts in the Dependency Viewer

    You can now enable or disable the display of AutoCAD Civil 3D data shortcut projects in the Dependency Viewer in ProjectWise Explorer (Preview Pane > Dependency Viewer > Block Filter tab > Dependencies section > Civil 3D Projects option)

  • The reference scanner and expconv utilities have been updated to use RealDWG 2016 and support Point Cloud References (.RCS) in DWG documents

AutoCAD basic integration features:

  • Shared sheet set mode for DST documents that allows to lock sheet set only while modification needed
  • Integration for Point Cloud References (.RCS) in DWG documents
  • Support of recent ProjectWise location per integrated command
  • SSMAUTOOPEN and SSLOCATE variables support

AutoCAD Civil 3D integration features:

  • Create Sheets command integration for View Frame Groups ('P&P' Sheet Generator)
  • Map Image Insert (MAPIINSERT) command integration
  • Decreased default depth while creating AutoCAD Civil 3D relations to improve performance of Civil 3D set processing

Updated CONNECTION Client Version

The ProjectWise Client Setups download package includes an updated version of the CONNECTION Client.