ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Save the Plot File to ProjectWise

  1. Open an AutoCAD document stored in ProjectWise.
  2. Select the layout you want to plot.
  3. Select one of the following:

    Command: PLOT

    Menu: File > Plot

    The Plot dialog opens.

  4. In the Printer/Plotter section, select your plotter.
  5. Make sure Plot to file is on. If it is not, click Properties and turn on Plot to File on the Ports tab of the Plotter Configuration Editor dialog.
  6. In the Plot dialog, click OK.

    The dialog that opens next (Save Document As dialog, Advanced Document Creation Wizard, or Select a Wizard dialog) depends on whether or not you have a default method set for creating documents in ProjectWise.

  7. Do one of the following:

    If the Save Document As dialog opens, fill out the necessary document property fields and click Save.


    If the Advanced Document Creation Wizard opens, click Next. When the Select Target Folder page opens, select the folder to store the new document in and click Next. If necessary you can create a new folder here. On the Document Properties page, enter the name, description, file name, and version of the new document and click Next. On the Create a Document page, click Next. On the final page, click Finish.


    If the Select a Wizard dialog opens, select either No Wizard or Advanced Wizard and click OK, then follow the instructions in the appropriate option above. (If you select No Wizard, the Save Document As dialog opens. If you select Advanced Wizard, the Advanced Document Creation Wizard opens.)

    The plot file is created and saved in the designated ProjectWise folder.